KeroPLUS our longer lasting heating oil...

Kero PLUS is the new, environmentally friendly fuel that saves money on your central heating bills. With up to 10% more burning efficiency than regular heating oil it actually lasts longer so you don’t need to order as often.

Using new fuel technology, Kero PLUS also reduces CO2 emissions into the atmosphere, helping you to protect the environment. By reducing carbon deposits and build-up of sludge in your storage tank and fuel system, Kero PLUS cares for your boiler, keeping it cleaner and reducing wear to boiler components.

Harmful particles are dispersed in the tank and burned off to prevent them causing damage. Your boiler service engineer will certainly see the difference when he comes to clean out your burner. Our customer’s love it!

And, as an added feature, Kero PLUS has a fresh vanilla fragrance which absorbs oily smells – a bonus for Aga owners or if your boiler is indoors. Call now don't miss out 01772 337367

+ Better for the environment

+ Better for your wallet

+ Better for your boiler