Ultraheat 35 - Heating Oil, The perfect fuel for industrial boilers and furnaces

  • 1000 ppm Gas Oil is less expensive than 10 ppm, however most refiners and terminals only stock 10ppm because refiners and importers are either unable or unwilling to stock both grades
  • Ribble can offer both grades of Gas Oil
  • In addition Ribble also supply Ultraheat 35 as a cost effective alternative to both10 ppm and 1000ppm Gas Oil for use in boilers, dryers and heaters

Ultraheat 35 – Features & Benefits

  • Ultraheat 35 has same calorific value as Gas Oil, same heat output for less money
  • It complies with BS2869 Class D with the same physical properties as Gas Oil, no burner modifications required
  • Ultraheat 35 is totally miscible with Gas Oil in all  proportions, no need to run down the storage tank contents before changeover
  • It has a very low pour point/CFPP, no danger of fuel not flowing in winter